35 best Sue Gray memes as the nation waits for her Downing Street parties report to be published

As the wait continues for the highly anticipated report into the numerous allegations of Downing Street parties said to have taken place while Covid restrictions were in place, let's all spare a thought for Sue Gray.

The senior civil servant who is in charge of investigating these claims came to be in this role after Cabinet Secretary Simon Case the initial leader of the investigation stepped down amid reports that events were also held in his department.

Gray has the unenviable task of determining what happened on numerous where it has been reported that Covid rules were broken, including the bring your own booze" party in the No 10 garden, Johnson's alleged birthday bash, and a fair few Christmas events like a confirmed party at Conservative Campaign Headquarters (CCHQ) with Shaun Bailey, aides and volunteers which led to Bailey resigning from his role. There are even reports that gatherings with 30 Downing Street staff took place the day before Prince Philip's funeral.)

Even Sherlock Holmes would sigh at this amount of work.

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With any government scandal, people on Twitter can always be counted on to create some hilarious memes to take the mickey out of the situation - and everyone is sympathetic to Gray's current task as the goalposts keep on moving, while others can't wait to see what the report says and some have already predicted what it might say.

Here are the top 35 Sue Gray memes:

Perhaps, Sue Gray should take a holiday once she's finished her investigation.

Though it is thought that the report is complete and ready it looks like we may still have a wait on our hands for the report after Liz Truss has said that Downing Street has not yet received it.

When questioned on if Downing Street were yet to see the report yesterday , the foreign secretary told Sky News: "That’s correct. And, of course, it’s an independent report, it’s a matter for Sue Gray when she sends that report, when she’s completed her work.”

She was also pushed on whether the report will be published in full to which Truss replied that there may be "security reasons" in parts of the investigation which are "problematic to publish."

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