The 10 most shocking moments from Piers Morgan's incomprehensible interview with Alex Jones

The 10 most shocking moments from Piers Morgan's incomprehensible interview with Alex Jones

'You are once again losing the plot': Piers Morgan cuts off Alex Jones

Piers Morgan Uncensored, TalkTV

TalkTV host Piers Morgan has had some pretty controversial interviewees on his Uncensored show in the past – from online influencer Andrew Tate to a spokesman for the Taliban – and now he’s had another chat with the far-right conspiracy theorist and InfoWars host Alex Jones.

The pair have clashed before, more than 10 years ago when Morgan was on CNN and challenged Jones’ stance on gun laws. Their latest interview, which aired on Thursday night, comes off the back of the far-right commentator being ordered to pay millions of dollars to the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting for defamation.

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And the interview was just as explosive as the last.

The Sandy Hook lawsuit

When asked by Morgan if his online business had been “imperilled” by the legal action taken by the Sandy Hook families, Jones claimed he’s had “more than 15 offers right now on huge networks if my system goes under”.

Sandy Hook family member’s account “total garbage”

The 2012 tragedy formed a significant part of their hour-long interview, which included the former Good Morning Britain broadcaster playing Jones a clip from a conversation with Nicole Hockley, who lost her six-year-old son Dylan in the shooting.

After the snippet from Ms Hockley saw her state Jones called Sandy Hook families “crisis actors” and that their murdered children “were never killed or they were never alive in the first place”, Morgan asked Jones what he made of the comments.

He replied to brand the account “total garbage”.

“I never said her name. Under Connecticut and Texas law, you can’t sue somebody for defamation if you never said their name. I didn’t do any of those things.

“I was on your show months and months after it happened and said it happened … I looked at both of the views and they clipped that out to attach themselves to me on air. I never talked about that woman; I didn’t even know who she was,” he said.

“I legitimately questioned Sandy Hook and I stand by what I did”

Yes, he really said that.

“Some communist trial session”

But at the same time, Jones didn’t appear to be keen on continuing to apologise for what turned out to be a pretty costly mistake.

He told Morgan: “I apologised before they sued me, if I ever hurt anybody’s feelings and I’m supposed to apologise forever and ever in some communist trial session … If I slit my throat on air it wouldn’t be enough for you.

“Imagine the biggest settlement ever … and they say Jones refuses to pay. I don’t have five million dollars, much less a billion and a half dollars, so when they say I refuse to pay… If I have three gallons of blood in my body, and they say we want a thousand gallons. I don’t have a thousand gallons of blood.”

We promise we’re not making this up or promoting falsehoods – unlike Jones.

Weird flashing images

Speaking of promotions, at certain points at the interview when he decided he wasn’t talking enough, Jones proceeded to turn off his camera and put up a flashing InfoWars logo instead. Another time, he cut to a video of his book instead of showing his face.

Totally normal behaviour, of course.

Showing off a list of interview topics

It was just one of many moments where Jones complained he wasn’t being allowed to speak, and at multiple points he held up a sheet of paper purporting to show a list of topics Morgan wanted to discuss with him.

He fumed: “You sent me a list of topics. I said I’d come on and one of them is Sandy Hook.

“I’m on for an hour. Let’s talk about the Davos group, let’s talk about the war on green, let’s talk about online censorship, let’s talk about the vaccines. When are we going to talk about the other topics?”

Defending conspiracy theories that water turns frogs gay, Michelle Obama is a man, and more

It turns out Morgan had a list of his own, though. As he noted Jones’ InfoWars website had talked of an “institutional false information pandemic”, the journalist pointed out a range of ridiculous conspiracy theories spouted by Jones in the past.

These included the unsubstantiated ‘Pizzagate’ conspiracy; claims the 9/11 terrorist attack was an “inside job” by the US government; that chemicals in the water in the form of a “gay bomb” was turning frogs gay; and that Michelle Obama is actually a man.

Jones later went on to defend all of them.

Defending his January 6 comments

He also defended remarks he made on the day of the US Capitol insurrection, when he said: “We declare 1776 against the New World Order. We need to understand we’re under attack. We need to understand this is 21st century warfare and get on a war footing.”

Asked by Morgan if he regretted those comments, Jones said: “No, I don’t.”

He went on to claim that we are in an “information war” and he managed to “keep thousands from going into the Capitol”.

From flattering Piers Morgan…

At one point, Jones revealed: “I watched the intro to your show, I was like 'that guy's a master of really understanding this attack on our freedom, and I wish he knew I was a real guy. Man, I wish I was as good as this guy.'”

To insulting him

Yet at the end of their interview, when Morgan decided to cut him off, Jones gave him one final remark in which he said: “I’m glad you had to move back to England to live under your Islamic takeover, where they’re arresting people for being against transgenderism.”

All of this was 37 minutes which we’re never getting back.

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