Tory MP now wants postal votes banned after party's local elections catastrophe

Tory MP now wants postal votes banned after party's local elections catastrophe

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Despite recent changes to voting in elections - in the form of introducing voter ID – being criticised as “gerrymandering” by Jacob Rees-Mogg and resulting in the prime minister who introduced it (Boris Johnson) being turned away from the polling station in the recent local elections, one Tory MP thinks it’s a good idea to change up the democratic process some more by banning postal votes.

Brendan Clarke-Smith, the Bassetlaw MP and former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party who was spoon-fed baked beans by Lee Anderson on GB News, took to Twitter/X on Tuesday to write: “Postal voting – it’s time to scrap it.”

His comments come after the Conservatives lost more than 470 councillors in the local elections last week, and saw defeats for incumbent West Midlands mayor Andy Street and London mayoral candidate Susan Hall.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Clarke-Smith added postal votes undermine “tradition and making the effort” and claimed there are “a number of concerns relating to the abuse of postal votes and the potential for fraud”.

“This is especially the case for areas with unusually high numbers registered and in cases where heads of households can decide the votes of others, or postal votes are going to unoccupied student accommodation or houses of multiple occupation.

“We even had to change the law because campaigners would go around collecting them.

“Whilst there will always be exceptions - such as for those with disabilities or for our armed forces, who already have a different system - allowing postal votes for everybody needs to stop.

“We are regularly told by the left that most people who use postal votes are elderly Conservative voters, so why are they suddenly so afraid of this proposal,” he said.

Well, Brendan only needs to look at his Twitter mentions to get a good idea of the answer:

The Tory MP’s attack on postal votes has also seen him compared to former US president Donald Trump, who has spread a number of false fraud claims about the voting method – known as ‘mail-in ballots’ across the pond – in recent years.

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