The prime minister was pictured sitting in front of a poster that reads “Be clear on Covid” and the irony is simply too much.

The picture was taken by Leon Neal on Monday morning as Boris Johnson made a constituency visit to a Boots in Uxbridge where the prime minister observed people receiving their jabs.

The sweet irony of the picture is that since the beginning of the pandemic, the government has faced criticism over how clear its communication has been when it comes to tackling coronavirus.

Johnson previously had to apologise after getting his own government’s Covid rules wrongand recently faced criticism over providing the public with “mixed messaging”.He’s also demonstrated inconsistency around the wearing of face masks and government rules on, er,alleged gatherings…

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Amongst those to reshare the picture on Twitter was Pippa Crerar, The Mirror’s political editor who has had several scoops about alleged rule-breaking at Number 10 in recent weeks.

Other Twitter users also loved the picture, with The Independent’s political correspondent Ashley Cowburn quipping: “I don't think you'll see this on the No 10 Flickr account”.

This isn’t the only golden picture taken by Neal today.

As part of his constituency visit, Johnson also went to Oakwood School, where this fantastic shot of the prime minister holding his head in his hand in a maths class was taken.

Boris Johnson in a maths class at the Oakwood School in UxbridgeBoris Johnson in a maths class at the Oakwood School in UxbridgeGetty Images

Every day’s a school day, right?

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