Rishi Sunak's taste in books, music and TV has reportedly been revealed - and it's raising eyebrows

Rishi Sunak's taste in books, music and TV has reportedly been revealed - and it's raising eyebrows

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We can only imagine that the job of prime minister is quite an exhausting one, and now Rishi Sunak has revealed the sort of things he likes to do to unwind – including having a read of some saucy erotic fiction courtesy of Jilly Cooper.

According to the Spectator, Mr Sunak particularly enjoys her book Riders, a novel based in the Cotswolds which “takes the lid off international show jumping, a sport where the horses are almost human, but the humans behave like animals”.

To give you more of an idea as to what the book entails, take a look at the cover – a female horse rider in white jodhpurs having her bottom touched by a male’s hand.

Extracts from the book talk of “sliding into the dark bush” and an intimate moment being like “an express train going into a tunnel”.

Good lord.

And if that book doesn’t leave him ‘feeling good’, then the PM is also reportedly teased by colleagues for his love of Michael Bublé’s music, and the Netflix show Emily in Paris.

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Yet some Twitter users aren’t at all comfortable with the revelations:

And it isn’t the first time Mr Sunak has tried to make himself appear relatable – despite, you know, him and his wife having a combined worth of more than £700 million, and that clip of him aged 21 in which he suggested he had “no working class friends”.

A hilariously awkward clip of the then chancellor went viral in early 2021 when he told two teenagers he was a “total Coke addict” – before immediately clarifying that he was referring to Coca Cola and not the illegal substance.

And in August, Mr Sunak appeared on This Morning to reveal when he goes to McDonald’s with his daughters, they get “the [breakfast] wrap with hash brown and everything in it”.

The only issue was that McDonald’s stopped selling the wrap in March 2020, before discontinuing it completely in January 2022.

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