Rishi Sunak will set out the government’s tax and spending plans for the next 12 months this afternoon, and even before he does that we can predict that there is unlikely to be any impact on Coca-Cola as he is steering clear of the stuff.

An incredibly awkward clip of Rishi Sunak talking to two schoolboys has resurfaced on social media where he talks for almost a minute about Coca-Cola and his knowledge of the fizzy drink.

Sunak admits that he is a “total coke addict” before quickly realising what he said and correcting himself by saying “Coca-Cola addict” much to the delight of the two boys who couldn’t contain their laughter.

It didn’t end there as Sunak goes on to explain that he used to drink so much of the stuff when he was younger that it resulted in him needing several fillings for his teeth. He adds, “So now...so yeah, exactly, I could get in trouble. So I genuinely do have seven fillings because I got through a lot of the stuff when I was young, so people should not...don’t, don’t, don’t do that.”

Sunak goes on to explain that although he now only allows himself one coke a week, he is a staunch Coca-Cola man and won’t even touch Diet Coke or Pepsi. He also displays his affections for a drink called “Mexican Coke” which he claims is made with “cane sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup.”

The unearthed clip might just be the most excruciating thing you’ll see for quite a while and has inevitably been compared to Alan Partridge.

The clip has already been viewed more than two million times and people are genuinely lost for words.

The original interview actually happened at Richmond School in October 2019 and believe it or not but there is a 25-minute version on Richmondshire Today which also features Sunak talking about Star Wars and Euro 96. Yes, really...

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