Rishi Sunak says he has to use a Peloton because he's constantly eating cookies and cake

Rishi Sunak says he has to use a Peloton because he's constantly eating cookies and cake
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Rishi Sunak has claimed he has to use a Peloton because of the number of cookies he puts away.

In an interview with Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts, the chancellor said he eats "cookies or cake most days" and used this normal behaviour to defend his pricey exercise regime. Pointing at a plate of biscuits in front of him, he said:

"These Maryland cookies are my favourite. I have one of them most days actually. People always like to take the mick out of me for my Peloton that I use but the reason I have to use this Peloton is because I'm constantly eating either cookies or cake most days."

Sunak revealed he works out on the £1,750 exercise bike, which comes with a 22in screen that enable people to take part in live-streamed video classes from home, in 2020.

And last year, in an appearance on the Twenty Minute VC podcast, he said he rises at 6am to do a Peloton workout soundtracked by Britney Spears, before often fasting until mid-morning at which point he indulges in a pain au chocolat, Gail’s cinnamon bun or a chocolate muffin.

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Of course, no-one minds that Sunak exercises or eats cookies, but he has been mocked given his method by which to exercise isn't exactly affordable for the average person.

Elsewhere in the interview, Sunak said it would be “silly” for the government to provide more help to families struggling with energy bills despite the mounting cost of living crisis.

However, he hinted at possible action closer to October. He said: “Depending on what happens to bills then, of course, if we need to act and provide support for people, we will.”

Rishi Sunak - master of political spin, and spin classes.

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