Rishi Sunak's scrapped 'seven bins policy' has become an instant meme

Rishi Sunak's scrapped 'seven bins policy' has become an instant meme
Rishi Sunak accused of axing policies that never existed in interview over …
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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s claim that he is protecting Brits from having to separate rubbish into “seven different bins” has become an instant meme.

Sunak’s claim comes after the PM gave a speech in which he essentially reversed several policies related to the environment in the run-up to the general election in 2024.

In it, he claimed the policies originally set out for Britain to be on the path to achieving net zero would hurt hard-working families.

After the speech, Sunak posted a graphic on X/Twitter listing the “heavy-handed measures” which included, “Sorting your rubbish into seven different bins” and “taxes on eating meat”.

He wrote: “We will never impose unnecessary and heavy-handed measures on you, the British people.

“We will still meet our international commitments and hit Net Zero by 2050.”

But it was pretty quickly pointed out that many of the listed measures don’t actually exist, as people mocked the PM for his bizarre bin claim using the hashtag #SevenDeadlyBins.

Broadcaster James O’Brien mocked: “It’s a start, I suppose, but I won’t be happy until he’s also banned elbow grease, tartan paint and glass hammers.”

Another joked: “Next up on Rishi Sunak’s list:

“- Santa made to have a pilot’s licence

- Monsters under your bed deported to Rwanda

- Unicorns limited in horn length

- Tooth fairy income will be taxed

- Number limits on invisible friends kids can have.”

Journalist Gaby Hinsliff argued: “In the old days seven Mirror reporters would have been made to dress up as bins & follow the PM around asking what he had against them & I regret that Fleet Street no longer has the resources for this frankly.”

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