All the things which did better than Laurence Fox’s London mayoral campaign

All the things which did better than Laurence Fox’s London mayoral campaign

Actor and London mayoral candidate Laurence Fox was beaten in this week’s election by YouTube prankster Niko Omilana, and the internet is now reminding him of other things which did better than his campaign to replace Sadiq Khan.

Fox, who founded the Reclaim Party, received just short of 2 percent of first preference votes with 47,634 cast in his favour, but Omilana – self-proclaimed “Supreme Leader” of the Niko Defence League (NDL) – finished with 49,628 votes, placing him fifth in the first round of voting.

Fellow YouTuber Max Fosh, who stood with the sole intention of getting more votes than Fox, finished 19th out of the 20 candidates with 6,309 ballots.

“At least team YouTube beat [Laurence Fox] – I have to thank @NikoOmilana,” Fosh tweeted on Saturday.

Omilana replied: “Happy to help out my friend xx”

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While Omilana was able to beat Fox, Count Binface – a candidate many hoped would surpass the “anti-woke” activist in votes – finished three places behind him, in ninth place.

But, in another blow for Fox, he will also lose his £10,000 deposit, which can only be ‘reclaimed’ if a candidate gets a vote share of more than 5 percent (he got 1.9 percent). The majority of the other candidates will lose theirs too, although clearly many had far less financial support than Fox, who received £5 million in donations when the party was launched in September, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Anyway, Omilana’s campaign wasn’t the only thing which was more successful than Fox’s run for Mayor of London, with Twitter users quick to point out and suggest other things which have done better than the Lewis star’s 47,000 figure. They aren’t all *quite* true, but they are very amusing:

Others pointed out that despite the large financial backing, press coverage and the endorsement of former Ukip and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, his final result was rather anticlimactic. Some feared what Fox would be up to next:

Looks like the two things left for Fox to reclaim now are his reputation and his dignity.

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