Stella Creasy had the best response after being criticised for wearing trousers and a jumper

Stella Creasy had the best response after being criticised for wearing trousers and a jumper
Stella Creasy contributes to the urgent question on abortion regulation in Northern ...

Stella Creasy has received an outpouring of support after she was criticised for wearing a backpack in parliament.

The Labour MP for Walthamstow was defended by people on social media after barrister Molly Giles took a photo of her computer screen while watching proceedings yesterday and took umbrage with her getup. She wrote:

"Jumper, trousers, backpack scrolling through phone. Looks like Creasy is waiting at a bus-stop rather than sitting in one of the most privileged seats in the country."

Wearing trousers is probably for the best rather than not while being an MP and we are also pleased Creasy has found a suitable receptacle to carry her stuff to the commons. As for the jumper, given it was quite toasty yesterday that is the only thing we think Giles has a point about...

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It was nonsense, then, and other MPs have acted in a far more controversial manner in parliament (remember when Jacob Rees-Mogg reclined and looked pretty arrogant?). So, people supported the MP:

Creasy wrote:

Speaking to indy100, she added: "If women wearing trousers creates more comment than a prime minister lying it tells you why so many feel politics isn’t for them. Mums in particular are comparatively absent which is why we set up the thismumvotes and motheRED funds to support them to stand for parliament and ensure in future there are many more women with backpacks on the backbenches."

It is not the first time Creasy has been criticised for her surely quite uncontroversial conduct in parliament. In November last year she was told off for bringing her three-month-year-old son to parliament and was told it was against the rules.

It is 2022 and yet being a woman in the House of Commons still appears an absolute minefield.

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