Australian MP's call for straight people to have own flag to keep the 'species alive' backfires

Australian MP's call for straight people to have own flag to keep the 'species alive' backfires
Parliament Hill lit up with Canadian pride for the holidays

An Australian politician has called for heterosexual people to have their own flag, parade and international day.

One Nation NSW MP Mark Latham took to Twitter with the bizarre proposal to keep the straight "species alive".

He wrote: "We love the gays but it’s overdue to recognise the Heteros with our own flag, parade, International Day, UN envoys, special footy round and jersey and Welcome To Bed ceremonies.

"Keeping our species alive!!"

The post was accompanied with an image of a man and woman hugging and the text: "Heterosexuals, preventing human extinction for the last two decades."

Inevitably, his tweet caused quite a stir and was soon inundated with responses criticising Latham's post.

"Not sure anyone should celebrate you procreating," one wrote, while another added: "Well, go on then. You organise a flag, a day, and a parade and see how many people turn up. No one is stopping you, and if there was enough interest surely it would already be a thing. Like International Men’s Day that no one actually celebrates."

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Some conservatives, however, supported his idea with one tweeting: "Thanks for supporting those of us that don’t get any recognition in 2023 Latho! Feels good to be appreciated."

It comes after Latham, who almost became prime minister in 2004, received a hilariously blunt Christmas card in the post – simply addressed to "Mark."

Below the printed "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" text was a very personalised message from an anonymous sender.

It read: "Jesus loves you but everyone else thinks you are c***."

Latham shared the surprise card online, writing: "Thank you to the anonymous Leftie who mailed this Christmas card to my office,"

"You made me laugh."

Indy100 reached out to Mark Latham for comment.

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