Ted Cruz branded 'hypocrite' for slamming Biden's vacation during winter storm

Ted Cruz branded 'hypocrite' for slamming Biden's vacation during winter storm

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Republican senator Ted Cruz, of all people, has criticised US President Joe Biden for going on holiday during a storm - when he did exactly that back in February 2021 with his infamous Cancun trip.

Cruz, who represents Texas, opted for the sunny getaway while a massive winter storm hit the state and left more than four million residents without power.

He later apologised for what was “obviously a mistake”, adding “in hindsight, I wouldn’t have done it”.

Now, as president Biden enjoys a break in Saint Croix – one of the US Virgin Islands located in the Caribbean – New York is dealing with the aftermath of winter storm which dropped 50 inches of snow on Buffalo, and left more than 60 people dead.

The Democrat’s decision to go on vacation until 2 January has sparked criticism over its timing, which seems fair, but Cruz is probably not the best person to point out the bad optics.

Of course, when he decided to do that on Tuesday – by quote tweeting a video of a Fox News report with the words “enjoy St Croix” – it wasn’t long before ‘Cancun Cruz’ was called a “hypocrite”.

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Content creator JoJoFromJerz tweeted: “Flyin’ Ted Cruz is criticising Joe Biden for taking a family vacation in St Croix? Are you f***ing kidding me?”

“Cancun,” responded Democrat strategist Jim Manley, which was simple enough.

Another Twitter user shared the tweet and gave Cruz a “self-awareness score” of “0/10”.

Meanwhile, actor and director Terry Kinney replied: “Hypocrite. At least he’s not running out on a power grid crash in his own state. And all of the goodwill that people who hate you showed for your kid still stands, because we despise the pettiness you cannot let go of, and you sir, will lose everything for that, in the end.”

Good lord.

Cruz appears to have ignored the backlash in subsequent tweets, instead deciding to share a post from Twitter owner Elon Musk bemoaning corporate journalism, as well as the latest episode of his Verdict with Ted Cruz podcast.

Y’know, the things that actually matter right now.

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