Ted Cruz tells unemployed Americans to ‘get a job’ — and the internet roasted him

Ted Cruz tells unemployed Americans to ‘get a job’ — and the internet roasted him

Millions of people in the United States have lost jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic. with Covid enhanced unemployment benefits ending this week.

Yet, despite this, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), decided to dish out some advice for Americans: get a job.

The Republican senator shared a link to a ABC News piece, which reported on the 8.9 million Americans affected by the ending of extended unemployment benefits.

"Um, find a job?" Cruz tweeted out regarding the article. “There are millions of job openings, and small businesses all throughout the country are in desperate need of employees.”

The three federal unemployment relief programs that ended on Monday were detailed in the ABC article: the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation program,  a program that provided people with $300 a week in Federal Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation, and the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program.

These relief initiatives were created to help people in the pandemic afford basic things such as food, gas, and extra funds to pay their bills.

Unsurprisingly, the internet didn’t hesitate to roast Cruz’s sentiments, reminding him that most people don’t make proper living wages as he does.

“Easy to say when you aren’t living hand to mouth, right Cruz? Um, pay a living wage?” someone wrote.

Another added: “Says the guy who never works (except trolling on Twitter) and gets a paycheck & free healthcare from the government every month?”

Others rehashed Cruz’s decision to take a trip to Cancun, Mexico, when Texas was undergoing a winter storm that left millions of people in the state without water and power.

“Do you know any jobs where you can take your family on vacation while the people you’re supposed to be serving are in the middle of a crisis?” a third wrote.

Someone else wants Cruz to take accountability and wrote, “@tedcruz, @SenTedCruz - OR let them eat cake. You should resign and get a real job. One where you are held accountable to get your work done.”

Check out some other responses below.

It seems Cruz just can’t help but set himself up for a roasting whenever he tweets.

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