Theo Paphitis slams government’s ‘nonsense, Peppa Pig and spin’ over its handling of omicron variant

Theo Paphitis slams government’s ‘nonsense, Peppa Pig and spin’ over its handling of omicron variant

Entrepreneur Theo Paphitis has slammed the government’s “nonsense and spin” in dealing with the new omicron variant.

Speaking on Question Time, the Dragons’ Den star said we need clear government guidance, but instead we’re being fed “Peppa Pig and spin”.

During a discussion on travel restrictions amid the emergence of the new variant, Paphitis said: “We have got an economy to look after as well. There will be life after Covid, for most people anyway, as long as we’re sensible.

“We do have to get some grown up - and some said about Tory bashing and it’s not Tory bashing, it’s called frustration from people who are at the coalface working in the economy, running the economy, worried about their colleagues.”

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He continued: “We need clear guidance and we can’t just have nonsense and spin when people’s lives are at stake, and the economy and the future of our children at stake.

“And all we’re getting is Peppa Pig and spin and that just is not good enough.”

His point on Peppa Pig is in reference to the fiasco last week in which the prime minister praised the cartoon during a bumbling speech at the CBI conference.

Paphitis’s answer was met with applause from the audience, and the clip was also met with support on social media.

One person went as far as to say they want Theo in charge…

However not everyone agreed. One Twitter user said the guidance has been clear, but it has been “misconstrued”.

Paphitis also highlighted his concern that “this government is not treating this seriously” as “they are contradictory in everything they’re saying” as he explained why he wouldn’t be hosting a Christmas party for his team.

Broadcasting from Weston-super-Mare, Question Time host Fiona Bruce was also joined by Maggie Throup MP, Thangam Debbonaire MP, Wendy Chamberlain MP, and Professor Peter Openshaw.

Throup was the proverbial sacrificial lamb on last night’s broadcast after the news broke about the alleged Downing Street Christmas party.

The Tory MP was repeatedly asked if there was a Christmas party at Number 10 last year, but she refused to give a yes or no answer. When Bruce asked the audience if she answered their question, the panel was met with a chorus of nos.

In another TV appearance earlier this week, Throup’s Conservative colleague George Freeman, the science minister, was criticised for giving vague answers when asked when young people can get their booster jabs.

Paphitis isn’t the first or only business leader to call out the government’s lack of clarity.

Earlier this year Indy100 interviewed a grocer who felt frustrated by the government’s handling of the pandemic.

As he thought the messaging from the government was confusing, he instead took matters into his own hands and posted a hilariously blunt sign on his storefront…

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