Timothée Chalamet trolls controversial Democrat by comparing him to the villain from Dune

Timothée Chalamet trolls controversial Democrat by comparing him to the villain from Dune

Timothee Chalamet is really starting to make a name for himself online and it’s not just because of his acting abilities or his army of fans championing his work.

The young Hollywood star, who is currently lighting up cinema screens in both Dune and The French Dispatch now looks to be venturing into politics, in so much that he is prepared to call out politicians who he feels are in the wrong.

On Thursday, the 25-year-old shared a meme on his Instagram stories, comparing the outspoken Democrat Rep. Joe Manchin to Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, one of the villains from Dune.

The meme labels Manchin the ‘coal baron’ and then lists similarities between him at Harkonnen namely: ‘uses the government to enrich themselves via their family mining company, ignores the overwhelming will of the people out of naked greed’ and ‘actively destroying the climate, dooming millions.’

This all stems from Manchin, along with Kyrsten Sinema being the only Democrats in the Senate blocking Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill with aims to inject $1.75 trillion into social spending and to tackle climate change.

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The climate issue is one closely associated with Manchin, who has attempted to deny that he has any ties to ExxonMobil lobbyists. Reports have also claimed that Manchin earned millions over the last 11 years from his son’s coal companies.

Manchin has also been confronted on this topic by young climate activists who have gone on a nice day hunger strike in an effort to compel Joe Biden to commit to this bill despite its opposition.

Quite where Chalamet saw this Dune meme is unclear (the internet is full of them at the moment) but it is a very astute comparison. In the story, the Harkonnen’s are typified as a greedy race of people who have stripped their home planet of Geidi Prime of all its natural assets and have oppressed the Fremen on their planet of Arrakis, in order to harvest the precious mineral called ‘spice’ which is basically a metaphor for oil or coal.

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