BBC Tory debate has weird start as Sunak and Truss just stand ...

The first leadership debate between the two remaining candidates, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak took place on BBC One on Monday night but it was the intro that got people talking, not what either of the politicians were saying.

The debate which was being broadcast from Stoke-on-Trent began with an intro from presenter Sophie Raworth. So far, so normal.

However, the setting and the stance between the two candidates soon appeared to be taking inspiration from a David Lynch film as both Sunak and Truss stood awkwardly and completely unemotive next to each other.

The camera then slowly panned in on their faces and neither one of them appeared to be moving whatsoever, grinning maniacally down the lens and into everyone's living rooms. It was only after Sunak blinked that we realised that they weren't cardboard cut-outs.

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Pure nightmare fuel and the viewers at home appeared to agree.

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