Tory MP Steve Baker who called himself ‘hard man of Brexit’ is now calling Brexit a ‘fiasco’

Tory MP Steve Baker who called himself ‘hard man of Brexit’ is now calling Brexit a ‘fiasco’

Former deputy chairman of the European Research Group, Steve Baker has declared Brexit as a “fiasco” and people can’t honestly believe it.

Looks like the self-proclaimed “hard man of Brexit” will have to find a new nickname for himself after taking a complete U-turn to soften up his view on the subject.

Five years after the 2016 EU referendum and with endless negotiations finally leading to an agreement earlier this year, some could say Baker is a little late to the party.

In a tweet, the Tory MP for Wycombe begins by taking aim at Labour leader Keir Starmer for his net-zero policy, describing him as “part of the policymaking elite.”

He then goes on to say how “Politicians need to level with the public about the scale of change needed in our lives so we don’t have another political fiasco like Brexit.”

Perhaps, Baker is forgetting his year-long tenure as Brexit minister from June 2017 – July 2018...

No doubt Twitter was there to remind Baker of his active role in the Brexit “fiasco” and how his nickname (which he is probably regretting right now) hasn’t aged well.

LBC radio presenter, James O’Brien tried to come up with an answer to Baker’s dramatic U-turn but to no avail.

Broadcaster and comedian, Sue Perkins decided to inform Baker of the “terrible news” that it was in fact his “Brexit fiasco.”

Lord Adonis, who served as a government minister under Tony Blair and who has also been a vocal opponent of Brexit responded to Baker’s tweet by calling him one of Brexit’s “authors.”

Actor and comedian, David Schneider joked about how Dominic Cummings and Steve Baker’s comments criticising Brexit when they were the ones behind it.

In a BBC interview with Laura Kuenssberg, Dominic Cummings said: “Questions like is Brexit a good idea? No-one on Earth knows what the answer to that is.”

Whilst other people equally couldn’t help but point out the irony of Baker’s statement.

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