Treasury slammed after releasing 'cringe' WhatsApp video about the Budget

Treasury slammed after releasing 'cringe' WhatsApp video about the Budget
Treasury releases whatsapp style video promoting the budget

Jeremy Hunt unveiled the 2023 budget yesterday and while he announced policies the government was enacting about pensions, pubs and childcare, he also made a few cringe jokes at Labour's expense and to make the Tories look good.

This was to be expected. It is all just part of the rough and tumble of British politics, for better or worse, so we all put up with it while we listened out for the policy changes we needed to know about.

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But then the government officially went too far on the cringe scale and promoted the budget with a cringe fake WhatsApp conversation, which the treasury posted on Twitter.

The video, which shows various departments 'chatting' about the budget appears to be a joke about the government and Matt Hancock's WhatsApp messages during the pandemic, which the Telegraph leaked earlier this month in a series of stories about ministerial conduct during lockdown.

But rather than laugh with the government, people across the political spectrum - of course - found it eye-wateringly embarrassing.

Stop the country because we want to get off.

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