Trump ridiculed for accidentally saying the US withdrew from Pakistan, not Afghanistan

Honestly, with the four years of his presidency being some kind of horrifying fever dream, we’re not surprised that Trump may have forgotten a few things about his tenure. Unfortunately for him, that happened during a rally on Saturday.

Speaking at another one of his Save America campaign events – this time in Des Moines, Iowa – the former Potus said that defeating “100 per cent” of the ISIS caliphate and “rebuilding the military” was “much tougher than withdrawing [troops] from Pakistan”.

Quickly realising his mistake, the Republican corrected himself – US forces left Afghanistan in August, ending a 20-year war in the country – and said it was something “we wanted to do”.

“By the way, speaking of Pakistan, Pakistan would have helped us, but we didn’t ask them for the help,” he added, saying that the US gives “billions and billions” of dollars a year to the country, but they “don’t do anything for us”.

He also described the Taliban as “good fighters” and the Afghanistan conflict as “the most embarrassing event in the history of our country”.

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However, for Twitter users, it looks as though Trump’s mix-up was more embarrassing, as they ridiculed the politician’s blunder – some even brought up the “person, woman, man, camera, TV” meme, which surfaced after the ex-president said he had taken a cognitive test which he apparently “aced”:

We just think it’s rather fitting that a man named Trump suffered an unfortunate brain fart.

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