Six of the most bizarre things that Trump said at his CPAC speech

2021 CPAC Conference Features Donald Trump And Conservative Luminaries

Donald Trump speaks at 2021 the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

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Donald Trump has been rolled out again to chat absolute nonsense.

The former President of the United States appeared at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the nation’s largest Republican conference, where he made a number of strange claims over the course of a sprawling 90 minute speech.

From shouting about “windmills” to contesting the result of the 2020 election (as usual), here are six of the most eyebrow raising moments from the event.

“We all won.”

Trump doggedly repeated the baseless conspiracy theory that he won the 2020 Presidential election and that it was rigged against him. (It wasn’t).

“We were doing so well until the rigged election came along,” he said, and claimed there was a lot of “evidence” to prove it.

We’re not convinced.

“Joe Biden has brought our country to the brink of ruin”

Has he? Trump criticised Biden for a number of reasons. He said he has proceeded over a terrible border policy - “the single greatest disaster in American history” apparently, and criticised him for removing troops from Afghanistan and crime in the US and for having too many toothbrushes. (We’ll get onto that later).

Nobody knows hyperbole like Donald Trump.

“I aced it, and one of the doctor’s said he’s never seen anybody that’s aced it!”

Trump boasted about a cognitive test he passed, again. He said his doctor warned him that if he didn’t do well in it, it would be embarrassing and that the test was hard. He also implied he didn’t think Biden would have passed it.

The test in question is an exam given to people who are in the early stages of dementia to understand how far they’ve declined, but Trump makes out it’s like an Ivy League admissions exam.

“Crooked Hillary Clinton is the most angry person in the United States”

Amid shouting angrily about Biden, the 2020 election, being banned from Facebook and Twitter and countless other issues, Trump had the gall to claim Clinton is the most angry person in America.

In other news, here is a recent picture of Clinton celebrating Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter’s 75th wedding anniversary, an event the “angry” women described as a “joy”.

What an angry, angry women.

“Louie Gohmert wants to go home to his bathroom and his bedroom and use his one toothbrush. But Joe’s got a lot of tooth...brushes.”

In an incredibly bizarre sigue, Trump addressed Republican Senator Gohmert and painted a picture of a down to Earth man without luxury. He did this to criticise Biden for being wealthy. Owning more than one toothbrush is - of course - disgustingly lavish and if true shows the President is nothing more than a Sensodyne socialist.

“We don’t need windmills”

Another hill to die on - windmills. In 2019, Trump also made a speech criticising windmills saying he has never understood them, that they are noisy and that they kill birds.

He meant wind turbines and while they are linked to bird deaths they are a good source of renewable energy at a time of climate crisis.

Someone needs to turn off Trump’s microphone. Fast.

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