Donald Trump Jr accidentally suggests rally attendees don't have jobs

Donald Trump Jr accidentally suggests rally attendees don't have jobs
‘I'm a more honest man than you’: Trump storms out of Piers ...
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Of all the things attendees expected from this week’s Donald Trump Jr rally with JD Vance, they didn’t expect to be insulted.

The son of the former president took to the stage with Ohio Senate candidate Vance on Wednesday.

His dad put his support behind Vance recently, and it was supposed to be a routine day on the campaign trail.

Only, Trump Jr managed to accidentally suggest that the people at the rally didn’t have jobs, and didn’t work hard.

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A video posted by journalist Ron Filipkowski shows Trump Jr making a strange comment about the kinds of people who aren’t “political junkies” and aren’t attending rallies.

“They say those things on TV, with no intention of actually doing anything about it…” he started saying during the meandering address.

“Because they know that the average person who’s working really hard to put some food on the table to feed their families, they’re not political junkies.

“They’re working hard. They’re not showing up to events like this in the middle of the day. They’re working hard to feed their families. They have jobs.”

So, does that mean the people he’s talking to are layabouts without proper jobs?

It’s not the first time he's been criticised for his comments recently.

The 44-year-old has been criticised online after posting a meme comparing Democrats to OJ Simpson.

Trump Jr seemed to imply people at the rally were out of workBrandon Bell/Getty Images

While he’s spent most of his time recently regurgitating the usual nonsense about a ‘rigged election’ and hitting out at Joe Biden, he’s attracted backlash over recent social media posts.

He uploaded a pretty horrible meme featuring OJ Simpson and his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, which attracted appropriate levels of criticism.

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