Trump Jr posts meme comparing Democrats to OJ Simpson

Trump Jr posts meme comparing Democrats to OJ Simpson
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Donald Trump Jr has been criticised online after posting a meme comparing Democrats to OJ Simpson.

Trump Jr has clearly been at a bit of a loose end recently after his dad left the White House, and he seems to have spent most of his time regurgitating the usual nonsense about a ‘rigged election’ and hitting out at Joe Biden.

Now though, he’s posted a pretty horrible meme featuring OJ Simpson and his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson.

Simpson previously made headlines after he was controversially acquitted for a murder trial that he had faced for the 1994 killings of his wife Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman.

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The murder trial was labelled as “the trial of the century” and had sparked massive debates on racial and criminal justice across the country.

Simpson was then given a nine-to-33-year sentence in 2008, just 13 years after being acquitted in the murder of ex-wife Nicole and Goldman. That was after he was arrested in Las Vegas on charges of assault, kidnapping, and armed burglary after attempting to steal pieces of his own sports memorabilia from a hotel room.

Now, Trump Jr has posted a picture of OJ and Nicole Simpson together, with the word “Democrats” over OJ and “America” over Nicole.

The post attracted criticism, with people accusing it of going “too far”.

“Pretty tasteless comparison,” one wrote in the comments.

“This is so tone deaf. If you can’t see that you just suck at life,” another said.

One more added: “Like father, like son. Bullies.”

It comes after Donald Trump Jr called Democrats "pro-paedophile" after Republicans accused Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson of lightly sentencing offenders for child pornography during her confirmation hearings.

He commented on a tweet from political activist Jack Posobiec on Wednesday, who said that Judge Jackson "glared" at Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) during the hearing after he asked for her reasoning as to why she gave "an industrial-level child porn trafficker a light sentence."

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