Reporter floats selfish reason Trump won’t urge people to take Covid vaccine

While former U.S. President Donald Trump has been vaccinated against Covid-19continually taken credit for, what he called, “one of the greatest miracles of the ages” — he’s been suspiciously silent when it comes to convincing his supporters to do the same. In fact, one reporter claims the twice impeached politician is “refusing” to do so for incredibly selfish — and petty — reasons, despite his enormous, and especially devout, fanbase who would almost definitely listen to the business man.

“There’s much very he’s not doing, that he could be using his huge megaphone for in his post-presidency,” Asawin Suebsaeng, a senior political reporter at The Daily Beast, explained while appearing on MSNBC’s “The Mehdi Hasan Show.”

“One of the things he’s not doing is he is not spearheading a crusade to get his fans, and Republican voters, to get the coronavirus vaccines. That is something he has told people, multiple times behind the scenes, that he doesn’t want to do it,” Suebsaeng continued, adding that the reality star specifically “doesn’t want to do Joe Biden any favours.”

This approach is odd, though, seeing as Trump repeatedly claimedhe was responsible for the vaccine rollout. Wouldn’t he want his fans to partake in his accomplishment? Apparently not. “He doesn’t think his fans really want it,” Suebsaeng said, though surely if Trump told them they should, they would likely change their tune.

“There is some good that he could do with his massive MAGA megaphone, but he is choosing to do the exact opposite of that,” Suebsaeng concluded. And as one editor at NBC pointed out — low vaccination rates look bad for Biden, and therefore, make Trump look “better.”

And that’s really too bad. A Donald Trump vaccine endorsement could likely be the key to convincing his hesitant fanbase to actually get their shots. But not just any Trump — as Ivanka Trump did actually try to do the “right thing” by posting photos to Instagram of her getting the vaccine, one per dose, and was met with some pretty brutal criticism in the comments — both for getting the vaccine, and for waiting so long to encourage it.

Plus, Ivanka doesn’t have quite the pull her father has. In fact, it could be said that nobody else in the United States does — or possibly ever will. So hopefully Former President Trump will get over this hesitancy — and disdain for Biden — and do some good in his post-presidency. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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