A video of Donald Trump speaking in a large, empty dining hall has earned comparisons to the eerie ballroom from The Shining.

In the clip, Trump praised the US and Japan’s “incredible” relationship and said he looks forward to visiting.

However diplomatic relations between the two economic powerhouses wasn’t what got tongues wagging.

Some likened the eerie dining hall Trump occupied to the spooky Gold Room from The Shining.

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The 1980 cult horror flick sees a family take up residence in the isolated Overlook Hotel before the father loses his mind, inspiring Jack Nicholson’s famous phrase: “Here’s Johnny”.

Responding to the video, Mark Coatney wrote: “Beautiful location. The Overlook Hotel, if I’m nit mistaken?” [sic]

Others questioned whether the setting was real at all…

Some were more frightened by his sartorial choices. The length of his sleeves earned him a ribbing, and the former president was likened to a waiter who showed up to work too early:

Above all else, people seemed to have questions. The main one was “why?”.

All play and no homework makes Donald a silly boy, as demonstrated in a hilarious double negative gaffe yesterday.

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