Of all of Donald Trump’s lies, there’s one that proved to be all the more dangerous: claiming that he actually won the 2020 presidential election.

The falsehood had catastrophic results, and it’s one the former president refused to let go—despite everyone urging him to do so.

Trump held on to his own deluded truth for as long as he could, but recently he let it slip that he lost the election.

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In his first rally of 2022, Trump bragged about having won states such as Ohio, Florida, and Iowa. During his usual boasting that occurs at his speeches, he went on to claim that he won all of the states “having to do with legislature,” whatever that means.

None of this is an unusual part of a Trump rally, but it’s what he said after that really stood out. After making it known that he had multiple state victories, he added, “The only thing we didn’t win was the election.”

There you have it, folks.

To be fair, it seems as though Trump was meant to imply once again that the election was robbed, by pointing out the irregularities in his state victories versus the election—but it’s still a noteworthy statement.

So much chaos ensued because of Trump and his refusal to commit to a peaceful transition of power. If he had said something like this in the beginning, so much would be different. But as only a child would do, Trump threw a tantrum instead.

Speaking of the chaos his lies caused, Trump also made another shocking statement where he gloated about the size of his supporters on January 6. Yes, seriously. The giant mob that stormed the US Capitol and in turn left multiple dead is actually a bragging point for Trump.

Talking about the MAGA supporters who attended his rally, he said: “They don’t talk about the size of that crowd… I think it was largest I ever, and the fake news never talks about it.”

Can we trust anything he says? Absolutely not.

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