Donald Trump leaps in to defend Kate Middleton over Royal photo editing scandal

Donald Trump leaps in to defend Kate Middleton over Royal photo editing scandal
Trump wades into royal photo row: 'Everybody doctors'
GB News

During his interview with Nigel Farage, former President Donald Trump came to the defence of Kate Middleton, saying the now infamous Mother's Day photo "shouldn't be a big deal."

Multiple topics came up during GB News' interview with Trump, and one of them turned out to be the wave of conspiracy theories taking over Britain regarding the Princess of Wales.

"That shouldn't be a big deal because everybody doctors," Trump said in reference to the photoshop spotted in the photograph.

"You see a movie actor and you meet them and you say, 'Is that the same person in the picture?'"

The Republican nominee added that the response to the edited image was shocking to him because it was only "very minor doctoring."

“I don’t understand why there could be such a howl over that,” Trump continued. “It’s a rough period. They’re really going after her.”

Kate Middleton has been at the centre of media and public interest since undergoing planned abdominal surgery. With many conspiracy theories claiming that the announcement of her surgery is just an excuse to cover something else up.

Any statement or photo of the Princess has been under intense scrutiny as conspiracy theories about the Princess, and the Royal Family in general, gain support.

Middleton apologised for the Mother's Day photoshop on Twitter/X saying, “Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused."

During his interview on GB News, Trump mentioned another royal: Prince Harry. Saying that if Prince Harry lied on his visa application about previous drug use he'll "have to take appropriate action."

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