All 18 errors with Kate Middleton's Mother's Day photo

All 18 errors with Kate Middleton's Mother's Day photo
Kate Middleton admits to 'editing' family photo
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A photo editing expert, along with numerous social media users have highlighted 18 different errors that have plagued Kate Middleton's now infamous Mother's Day photo.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, who post on the social media platform as @KensingtonRoyal, shared a picture of Kate with children George, Charlotte and Louis at 9am on March 10.

It's the first time Kate has been officially pictured since having abdominal surgery in late 2023.

This was also shared on their Instagram page and then by Kensington Palace and sent to a number of global picture agencies.

But it was soon pulled by the agencies within hours because of what appears to be a number of editing inconsistencies within the image.

It's the first time international photo agencies have recalled a photograph issued by the Royal Family.

The picture is still up on the X / Twitter and Instagram accounts of The Prince and Princess of Wales.

Kate has since apologised for 'any confusion caused' on X / Twitter, adding 'like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing'.

Stephen Davies, known as The Photoshop Guy who has worked as a photographer and photo editor for 25 years, picked up on five different errors in the picture.

1. Kate's zip jacket doesn't line up.

2. Kate's right hand looks blurry (seems like a pixelation blur, not a motion blur).

3. Top of Louis' jumper doesn't line up.

4. Charlotte's hand doesn't match where her sleeve is.

5. The skirting board at the back doesn't line up.

Davies said: "I can see what she was aiming to do, she wanted all of her children looking at the camera which, in my experience, can be a really difficult thing to do.

"I do it on a daily basis where I'm asked to merge together two or three images to create the perfect one and the way that this has been done makes me suspect AI has been used.

"What Kate has done is mask areas in a photo to blend them but when zooming in, it doesn't look how it should."

Across social media, a further 13 errors were spotted.

6. Wedding ring missing from Kate's left hand.

7. Kate's hair looks blurred.

8. Kate's chin appears to have been worked on.

9. Kate's hair looks feathered.

10. Louis' trousers look altered.

11. Louis' crossed fingers.

12. Shading of Louis' jumper.

13. George's arm length.

14. Charlotte appears to have two different kinds of shoe on.

15. Charlotte's skirt is out of place where it meets her jumper.

16. Charlotte's hair stopping abruptly on her shoulder.

17. Tree in full bloom behind.

18. Window panes in the background don't look right.

Kensington Palace said it would not be reissuing the original unedited photograph of Kate and her children.

The Palace also confirmed that the Princess of Wales left Windsor in a car with the Prince of Wales as William was driven to the Commonwealth Day service in London.

Kate is not attending the service, but is understood to have a private appointment.

Additional reporting by PA.

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