Donald Trump shares "insanely creepy" assessment of ‘beautiful’ Taylor Swift

Donald Trump shares "insanely creepy" assessment of ‘beautiful’ Taylor Swift
Donald Trump Says Taylor Swift ‘Unusually Beautiful’ in New Book
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Donald Trump has shared his thoughts on popstar Taylor Swift who he described as "unusually beautiful."

The former US President was asked about the 'Fortnight' singer for the forthcoming book, Apprentice in Wonderland: How Donald Trump and Mark Burnett Took America Through the Looking Glass.

Speaking with the book's author, Variety co-editor-in-chief Ramin Setoodeh back in November 2023, Trump was asked for his opinion on the "biggest celebrity of our times" who is currently on the European leg of her popular Eras Tour.

But rather than commenting on Swift's talent and achievements as an artist, Trump simply decided to talk about her looks instead.

“I think she’s beautiful — very beautiful! I find her very beautiful," the 77-year-old said, in a passage published by Variety on Monday (June 10).

"I think she’s liberal. She probably doesn’t like Trump. I hear she’s very talented. I think she’s very beautiful, actually — unusually beautiful!"

As for her music? Despite storming the charts and being played on the radio, the 45th president admitted he didn’t “know” Swift’s music “well.”

Trump's comment's about the 34-year-old singer have since caused a lot of discussion with some labelling them "creepy."

Swift publicly shared her political views for the first time when she endorsed two Democratic party candidates back in 2018 for the US mid-term elections, and the singer's liberal views were also a topic mentioned by Trump.

"She is liberal, or is that just an act?” he asked Setoodeh. “She’s legitimately liberal? It’s not an act? It surprises me that a country star can be successful being liberal.”

It's worth pointing out that Swift hasn't released a country album since 2012's Red, and Setoodeh informed Trump on Swift's genre switch to pop to which he responded: “Garth Brooks is liberal. Explain that! How does it happen? But he’s liberal. It’s one of those things…"

Trump famously responded to Swift's first political post at the time by telling reporters he likes "Taylor's music about 25 per cent less now".

In her 2020 documentary film Miss Americana, Swift is warned by her publicist that Trump may respond to which she bluntly replied: “F*** that I don’t care.”

So you could say there is some Bad Blood between Swift and Trump.

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