Hillary Clinton had the best reaction to Trump's latest indictment

Hillary Clinton had the best reaction to Trump's latest indictment
Hillary Clinton says Trump indictments show system is working

Hillary Clinton has responded to Trump’s most recent indictment, and it looks like she’s enjoying seeing the latest news.

However, Clinton also recognised it as a "terrible day" for everyone in the US.

It comes after Trump hit back at the 98-page indictment handed down in Georgia recently. Taking to Truth Social in the early hours of the morning on Tuesday, the former president ranted that the indictment is “rigged” and a “Witch Hunt”, while also managing to mispel the “indicted” as “Indicated”.

The former president and 18 of his allies were hit with a total of 41 criminal counts under Georgia’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute, over their efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election in the state.

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Clinton appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show on Monday and laughed as she talked about the news.

“I can’t believe this,” Clinton said, giggling as she was introduced.

“This is not the circumstances in which I expected to be talking to you, the host said.

“Nor me Rachel,” Clinton added. “It’s always good to talk to you. Honestly, I didn’t think that it would be under these circumstances. Yet another set of indictments.”

Addressing the latest indictment, Clinton said: “I don’t know that anybody should be satisfied. This is a terrible moment for our country to have a former president accused of these terribly important crimes.

“The only satisfaction is that the system is working. That all of the efforts by Trump and his allies and enablers to try and silence the truth and undermine democracy have been brought into the light. And justice is being pursued.”

She added: “I hope that we won’t have accountability just for Donald Trump and if there are others named in these indictments along with him for their behavior but we will also have accountability for a political party that has just thrown in with all the lies and the divisiveness and the lack of any conscience about what has been done to the country.”

Back in 2016, when Clinton was running against Trump in the presidential race, Trump would instruct his followers to shout “lock her up” – a reference to Clinton using a personal email address when accessing classified information.

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