Stormy Daniels reveals how long Trump lasted in bed

Stormy Daniels reveals how long Trump lasted in bed
Stormy Daniels offered jurors details about alleged one-night stand with Trump
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Porn star Stormy Daniels has described the awkward alleged sexual encounter with Donald Trump in 2006.

Daniels, 45, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, was testifying against the former president, 77, on 7 May with claims hush money was paid to keep her quiet. Trump remained quiet during her testimony, occasionally shaking his head and whispering to his lawyer.

Daniels said she tried not to think about having sex with him during the alleged encounter and was staring at the ceiling wondering how she got there.

When asked by prosecutor Susan Hoffinger whether Trump was wearing a condom, Daniels responded: "No."

Daniels called the alleged encounter brief, which isn't the first time she's made such claims.

In a 2018 interview with Vogue, Daniels was asked about the alleged encounter.

"How many details can you really give about two minutes?" Daniels replied, before interviewer Amy Chozick quipped: "Two minutes?" to which Daniels said: "Maybe. I'm being generous."

Following the lunch break at the trial, Trump's defence lawyers demanded a mistrial in what they described as prejudicial comments.

The judge rejected their request and said they should have raised more objections during the testimony.

At one point, Trump's lawyer Susan Necheles asked a string of questions in an attempt to portray Daniels as motivated by money and a hate of Trump.

"That motivates you a lot in life, making more money, right?" Necheles asked, to which Daniels said money motivates many people.

"Am I correct that you hate President Trump?" Necheles asked.

"Yes," Daniels responded.

Outside of the court, Trump said: "This was a very big day, a very revealing day. As you see their case is totally falling apart."

Trump's lawyer Necheles told Justice Merchan that her cross-examination of Stormy Daniels would continue into Thursday.

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