7 of Stormy Daniels's most brutal Donald Trump jokes

7 of Stormy Daniels's most brutal Donald Trump jokes
Donald Trump v Stormy Daniels: The story so far

Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump are at the centre of potentially one of the biggest scandals in US political history – and the adult film star has never shied away from discussing the feud on social media.

It comes as the Manhattan grand jury investigating Trump's role in a hush money payment to pornographic actress Daniels voted to indict him. Multiple reports suggest that Trump is facing more than 30 charges, though no specific charges are yet known.

Daniels has been outspoken about the case for years, alleging that she had an affair with Trump in 2006. She was paid off to keep quiet about the supposed extramarital activity.

Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison in 2018 after pleading guilty to tax evasion and campaign finance violations in relation to paying Daniels. Trump has strongly denied reports of an affair between himself and the 44-year-old.

The news has seen the porn star make headlines all over the world, and it’s also been revealed that Daniels has seen searches for her adult films increase by a gigantic 20,000 per cent, according to data shared by PornHub.

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Anyone who follows Daniels on social media will know that she has been tweeting about the alleged affair for a long time now, and she’s been providing zingers for years on Twitter at the expense of the former POTUS.

These are Daniels's greatest takedowns of Trump.

Giving Trump an unflattering nickname

Back in 2018, Trump lashed out on Twitter and called Daniels “horseface”.

Not one to be intimidated with such talk, Daniels hit back by saying: “Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present your president. In addition to his...umm...shortcomings, he has demonstrated his incompetence, hatred of women and lack of self control on Twitter AGAIN! And perhaps a penchant for bestiality. Game on, Tiny.”

Comparing Trump to a Mario Kart character

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Daniels went into more detail than anyone could have wanted in her tell-all 2018 book Full Disclosure, which saw her compare Trump's appendage to "the mushroom character in Mario Kart."

"He knows he has an unusual penis," Daniels wrote. "It has a huge mushroom head. Like a toadstool."

She later said she regretted sharing those details, saying it amounted to "body shaming".

Saying she’d “dance in the street” if Trump goes to jail

Daniels has faced an influx of abuse on social media over recent times from Trump supporters.

One exchange saw a user comment to Daniels: “A disgusting degenerate prostitute accepts money to Frame an innocent man! Good luck walking down the streets after this! @realDonaldTrump is our #POTUS and will be selected by a landslide in 2024!”

Daniels fired back: “Sooo ... tiny paid me to frame himself?”

“You sound even dumber than he does during his illiterate ramblings,” Daniels added.

“And I won’t walk, I’ll dance down the street when he is ‘selected’ to go to jail,” she went on to say.

Accusing Trump of having “slippery fingers”

After being asked by one social media user why she was so “obsessed” with Trump earlier this month, Daniels referenced his love of fast food by writing: "I only respond when he posts about me or talks about me on TV… and only a fraction of that. He probably watches my movies on repeat which may be why he has so many typos. (Slippery fingers from lube and KFC).”

Saying “f*** Donald Trump onstage”

Daniels appeared on stage at a music festival to sing ‘F**k Donald Trump’ back in 2019. The pornographic actress took to the stage at the Camp Gnaw Flog Carnival in Los Angeles to make an appearance during the rapper YG's performance.

YG, a 29-year-old artist from Compton, released a song in 2016, prior to Trump's election, called 'FDT' which basically stands for 'F**k Donald Trump.'

In a back-and-forth between her and YG, the rapper asked her if she was 'the one who f***ed Donald Trump?"

She replied on stage by saying: “I really wouldn't call it f***ing. I just laid there.”

Not quite a 10ft pole

The most savage takedown on social media so far came during an interaction between a social media user, who disputed Daniels’ claims about the affair by writing: “President Trump wouldn’t touch you with a 10ft pole.”

“True. He used a 3 inch one,” the 44-year-old hit back.

“Pathetic thump”

On the same day that Trump took to his Truth Social platform to call on his supporters to “protest” and “take our nation back” in response to his anticipated arrest earlier this month, Daniels replied to one individual who joked that Trump “hit” – again, allegedly – her backside.

She clapped back: “'Hit' is very generous. I’d say more like a pathetic thump but whatevs.”

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