Democrats roast Republican presidential candidates with glass bottles on stairs trend

Democrats roast Republican presidential candidates with glass bottles on stairs trend

Former President Donald Trump got an unsurprising result

Twitter / Democrats

The recent trend of rolling bottles downstairs to see how long it will take one to break has been given a US political makeover, with even the Democrat party latching onto it on social media.

The party’s Twitter account posted a version of the video comparing different bottles to Republican rivals.

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump got an orange one – a jar, in fact – which rolled loudly and defiantly down the stairs until it eventually smashed spectacularly. Democrats will hope for a similar result in real life.

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Ron DeSantis got a small bottle of brown liquid, which quickly met a sticky end, while Mike Pence had a relatively sedate bottle, which fizzled out in a rather unspectacular fashion.

Other candidates, somewhat realistically, smashed on the first step down.

It comes after it emerged Trump, who is widely considered president Joe Biden’s greatest threat in the 2024 election, will face criminal trial next year for retaining national security documents at his Mar-a-Lago property and obstructing the justice department’s efforts to retrieve them.

The May 2024 trial date set by the US district court judge Aileen Cannon took a middle ground between prosecutors’ request for a trial this year and Trump’s suggestion to delay proceedings until after next year’s election.

Trump was charged last month with retaining national defence information, including US nuclear secrets and plans for US retaliation in the event of an attack.

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