Trump's 'lifetime of lies' laid bare in damning 4 minute video

Trump's 'lifetime of lies' laid bare in damning 4 minute video
Trump releases bizarre 'apocalyptic' presidential campaign video

American author Don Winslow and vocal critic of Donald Trump has uploaded a four minute video to YouTube highlighting the many lies Trump has told during his lifetime.

The best-selling writer captioned the video #DonaldTrumpLifetimeOfLies and throughout the video, he debunked many of the former president’s claims.

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Winslow also posted the video to his Twitter addressing it to Trump’s supporters writing “watch me take apart your cult leader and his lifetime of lies like a Lego set in 4 minutes.”

In the video, he calls Trump a “con man”, “a lie”, and an “infomercial”. As well as calling out the fact that Trump has filed for bankruptcy six separate times despite selling himself as “a great businessman”.

“Trump sold himself to Republican voters as pro-life, but the truth is that he was pro-choice his entire life and only changed his position to dupe Republican voters into voting for him.”

The video then proceeds to show clips of Trump before is presidential run that show him expressing his pro-choice views.

The video continues to point out various hypocrisies and falsehoods throughout Trump’s life, such as him claim to be a devout Christian but failing to name a bible verse, his boasts of toughness despite getting his father to “get him deferments so he never had to fight in the Vietnam War.”

Halfway through the video, Winslow shows viewers sexist and misogynistic comments made by Trump, as well as highlighting the women that came forward accusing Trump of sexually assaulting or raping them. This is all despite Trump being on camera saying: “Women respect me. They like me.”

“Trump sold himself as a great politician. But the truth is, while president, he lost the Senate, the House and the White House.” The video adds.

In the last minute of the video, clips of Trump making promises such as Mexico paying for wall and having a healthcare plan that is “second to none” are flashed with ‘LIAR’ in all capitals.

The video asks his supporters: “How many time does this used car salesman have to lie to you before you stop supporting him?”

You can watch the video here:

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