Trump visited New York firefighters and made a huge error

Trump visited New York firefighters and made a huge error

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As former US president Donald Trump’s dignity continues to go up in flames - what with the Republican being slapped with a $9,000 fine for violating a gagging order in his ongoing hush money trial - he could probably do with a helping hand from New York’s fire department.

Well, that’s if he can use the right initialism for the organisation.

The presidential candidate is currently facing a criminal trial in the state around allegations from adult film star Stormy Daniels that she was paid hush money to keep quiet about a sexual relationship with Trump (he denies the affair and has pleaded not guilty), and after Thursday’s session wrapped up, Trump left the Manhattan courtroom to drop off pizzas for firefighters.

In posts shared to his own Truth Social platform, Trump wrote “thank you NYFD” and said it was “a true honor to visit the NYFD this evening in Manhattan”.

Except, while it is known as the New York Fire Department, it isn’t shortened to the NYFD (in the same way its police department is the NYPD), but rather, the FDNY.

And while a number of outlets report Trump deleted the posts and reshared them with the correct abbreviation, Twitter never forgets, and users screenshotted and ridiculed the erroneous ‘Truths’:

It’s not the only bit of news surrounding Trump’s ongoing trial which has made headlines in recent weeks, as The Apprentice star is also reported to have ‘fallen asleep’ in the courtroom, and to in another session, journalists said he let out a short laugh during a testimony.

And he’s also come into difficulty trying to pronounce the word “infrastructure”, too.

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