A clip of John Bercow mocking Dominic Raab over his predictions about the UK securing a strong trade deal with the US after Brexit has resurfaced now that Johnson and Biden have failed to strike one.

Speaking during the 2019 general election count, the then speaker of the House of Commons suggested Raab was being optimistic about the US becoming a trading partner. He said: “Can I just ask Dominic, because he is a very, very clever bloke, how long do you reckon the trade negotiation with the United States will take?

“Well they’ve of course got an election coming up so I think there is an opportunity before that and we ought to give it a good go,” Raab said.

“What are those pigs I see flying in front of my very eyes?” Bercow responded.

Raab then said: “I’ll tell you what, Mike Pompeo who is the US secretary of state said to me ‘we are ready pen in hand to do a deal once you’ve left’”.

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It comes as Johnson visited the Oval Office during a trip to America trying to secure a trade deal with the US.

But on Tuesday, Biden said “we’ll have to work that through” dampening hopes that US could become a big trading partner with the UK as was hoped by Brexiteers.

“The Americans do negotiate very hard,” Johnson added.

Meanwhile, Raab is not the only one to have overstated the ease with which the UK and US would join trading forces. A clip of Johnson has similarly resurfaced showing he previously was far more optimistic about the prospect.

Brexit’s dividends are still fruitless.

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