The White House’s Covid vaccine advert has successfully annoyed a lot of conservatives

With the Delta variant causing Covid cases to surge across the US, the White House is determined to get as many people vaccinated as possible.

This drive has led to the White House teaming up with TikTok influencer to promote getting the Covid vaccine to Gen Z (or Zoomers as their otherwise called), the New York Times reported earlier this month.

Their latest collaboration with actor and comedian Benito Skinner aka Benny Drama playing the character of Kooper - the Gen Z White House intern - has conservative heads spinning.

“Hi, my name is Kooper and this is a day in my life as a White House intern,” he says as Lana Del Rey’s song National Anthem plays in the background.

Kooper - styled in chic blazers with long manicured nails - has a confident and cheerful presence as he walks around the famous building, takes phone calls and poses in front of photos of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

As Kooper walks into the office he makes his presence known by striking a pose and shouting “Vogue” - a homage to the famous Madonna song.

“Usually I start off with a big coffee,” he explains as he shows off his large White House coffee cup.

Kooper then pays a friendly visit to White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, popping his head around her office door to say: “Hey Jenny! I booked you a nail appointment love.”


“Yeah I didn’t tell you to do that,” Psaki replies sitting at her desk.

“It’s called initiative,” Kooper replies while laughing.

The intern can then be seen answering phone calls at his desk and touching up his makeup.

“This is actually the entrance to the West Wing. It’s so fun and it’s really prestigious,” Kooper says as he poses outside of it - throwing deuces and sticking his tongue out.


He cheekily peers through a door and says: “Hey POTUS!”

Kooper then asks Psaki if pop star Olivia Roderigo is still here after her visit to the White House to promote young people to get the Covid vaccine.

To which Psaki answers in a deadpan tone: “No.”

Another clip shows Kooper who appears distracted looking at his phone as Psaki tells him: “We’ve come a long way in our fight against this virus, we’ve vaccinated 160 million Americans, are you getting this all down?”

“Don’t worry question, it’s all right here,” as Kooper points to his head, though Psaki doesn’t look impressed.

In the final clip, Kooper can be seen reclined in his office chair on the phone saying: “We need to get shots in the arms of every single American,” as Pskai looks on in pride.

Of course, conservatives have taken to Twitter to criticise the video.

Donald Trump Jr even went as far as to bizarrely say the video was worse than being waterboarded.

Meanwhile, there were plenty of people who shared their love for Skinner’s video and his character Kooper.

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