<p>The Trump campaign were regular buyers of the YouTube masthead ad space</p>

The Trump campaign were regular buyers of the YouTube masthead ad space

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YouTube will no longer allow political advertisements to “take over” its homepage - after Donald Trump did so in the run-up to the election that he later lied about and said was rigged.

The platform announced plans which mean that politicians will not be able to purchase the coveted spot for their campaigns again.

It will be a huge blow to politicians as the advertising space, known as a masthead ad unit, is highly “sought after.”

This is because the masthead is the first thing viewer see when arriving to the site - it’s the large rectangle space at the top of the webpage.

So when a video or website is advertised on the platform’s masthead, it can hugely increase the volume of traffic and number of views.

However, it’s not just political ads that will be banned.

Other ads for gambling, alcohol sales, prescription drugs will also not be promoted on the homepage either, Axios reported.

Election ads and advertisements for political candidates’ campaigns cannot run ads in YouTube’s masthead whatsoever.

YouTube has said that it will view ads on certain issues which are “political in nature,” on a case-by-case basis.

During the 2020 election campaign, the Trump campaign was a regular purchaser of the advertising space, which proved to be controversial for the platform.

It included the Trump campaign purchasing the masthead during the Democratic Party convention in August.

YouTube announced it was updating their masthead ad unit policy just before the 2020 elections, in November.

The company said it would remove the option for advertisers to take over the homepage with a masthead ad for a whole day.

But, just one week before the 2020 presidential election, the Trump campaign still managed to buy the masthead for an entire day, spending around $2 million to secure the spot.

The purchase was made before the change in policy was enforced.

Other people also began to notice Trump’s frequent advertising whenever they were on YouTube’s homepage during this period.

However, this was not a one-time election strategy since Trump’s campaign used similar advertising tactics on YouTube back during the 2016 presidential election.

With Trump considering a presidential re-election run in 2024 - it looks like he is going to have to find somewhere else to plaster his campaign ads.

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