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4chan users claim they are drinking onion juice to boost their testosterone.

It's 4chan, so they may just be saying they are doing it. They may be saying it to get the 'Fake News MSM' to report on it for a "Gotcha"" moment of trolling.

They may actually be doing it, who knows? The joke is always tediously, evasively, on us.

Will Sommer, an editor at The Hill who writes a conservative media newsletter, tweeted about a post on the /pol/ board:

The post read:

Time and again, science has confirmed that onion and its juice boost testosterone levels — sometimes threefold.

This is wrong. The 4chan user may know this and simply doesn't care.

As Vitals reports, the Jordan University of Science and Technology found that onion juice made male rats copulate faster, but significantly less frequently. While the Islamic Azad University found that onion juice increased the concentration of sperm in male rats.

In both studies the rats didn't drink the juice but had it inserted directly into their stomachs.

Anyway, the faux debate raged on the board as to whether this was a good supplement.

The onion thing appears to be a long and convoluted joke about a classic thread in which a guy claims to have accidentally made mustard gas following a tutorial on making crystals.

It's also to do with Shrek, with which 4chan has an enduring fascination.

You can read the archived thread here, if you want to indulge 14-year-olds with more time to kill than yourself.

For the record, the best way to attain health testosterone levels is to exercise and keep a healthy diet.

Oh, and to stay away from any medical advice given on the 4chan boards.

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