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'Alien corpses' unveiled in Mexico linked to 5-year-old 'hoax'

'Alien corpses' unveiled in Mexico linked to 5-year-old 'hoax'
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Christmas has come early for UFO watchers, with the alleged corpses of real-life aliens displayed for the world to see.

The startling revelation came during a congress hearing in Mexico City on Tuesday, titled the Public Assembly for the Regulation of Unidentified Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

During the session, which was streamed online, Mexican ufologist Jaime Maussan presented what he claimed were two perfectly preserved “non-human entities”.

He announced that the “bodies” were more than 1,000 years old and were discovered buried between the Peruvian cities of Palpa and Nazca in 2017.

Coffin-like boxes containing the "non-human" bodies were dramatically opened during Maussan's speechReuters

Maussan stressed that the pair had been studied “in great depth” by both investigative journalists and scientists, with researchers at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) using carbon dating to draw DNA evidence from the skeletal specimens.

They reportedly found that more than 30 per cent of the extracted DNA was “unknown”, and said both bodies contained implants made of extremely rare metals.

X-rays of the “bodies” were also shown at the hearing, with one said by experts to contain eggs.

The UNAM team also determined, through carbon 14 analysis, that the “beings” were buried for a millennium inside diatoms, a type of algae that doesn’t allow the growth of bacteria or fungi, which is how they remained so well preserved.

Maussan insisted that the supposed extraterrestrials were not mummies, but “whole, complete, bodies” that “have not been manipulated inside and that have a series of elements that make them truly extraordinary,”.

He claimed that these findings, along with explosive testimony provided by the likes of David Grusch and Ryan Graves, served as sufficient evidence to prove the existence of alien life.

He then stated that if we have the courage to accept "that we are being visited by non-human intelligent beings that come to Earth from the depths of the universe, we could even travel to other universes.”

He added that authorities and the public would need to accept this in order to ensure the safety of Mexican airspace, increase research on the subject and increase transparency on such matters, according to ABC Sociedad.

However, whilst hordes of UFO fanatics rejoiced in the “proof” of alien existence, others were more sceptical about the origins of the two corpses.

They argue that they are just two of six fossilized specimens that were found inside a mine near UNESCO's Nazca Line heritage site back in 2017.

Images of one of the mummified bodies, which went viral around the world, showed a humanoid figure with an elongated skull and three fingers on each hand and foot.

Special Report: Unearthing

Maussan swiftly became involved in the investigation surrounding the discovery, insisting that researchers had uncovered irrefutable proof that “these creatures were not from this Earth”.

However, DNA samples taken from both the hand and brain tissue from one of the specimens were found to be 100 per cent human, according to a report from the Paleo DNA laboratory at Lakehead University, Canada.

Furthermore, the mummies’ bizarre appearance led some experts to believe that the remains could have been tampered with to make them look more alien.

The Peruvian World Congress on Mummy Studies released a statement condemning the bodies as a hoax made from human remains, and demanded an official inquiry into whether archaeological crimes had been committed, Alpha Biolabs reports.

The author of the statement reportedly dismissed the claims made by Maussan and his cohort at the time, saying: “Those involved in ‘scientifically’ examining the mummies seem to believe they are ancient aliens, but they are suffering from the wish to believe.”

All we can say is, the truth is out there. Somewhere...

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