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Among Us accidentally committed a 'war crime'

Among Us accidentally committed a 'war crime'
Among Us Emergency Meeting - Episode 40

Popular online game Among Us had to make a minor change to its artwork after a major faux-pas that led to the game 'breaking' the Geneva Convention.

On Twitter, the game admitted a 'fun fact' that occurred after its rapid rise in 2020, forcing them to change the colour of the famous red cross that features in the game's MedBay.

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"fun fact: after the game got big in 2020 we had to change the colour of the MedBay cross because we apparently violated the Geneva Conventions Act by making it red???? oops."

Why the change? It's not war?

Well - the use of the red cross is dictated by an international committee, and usage in breach of that committee is also a breach of the Geneva Conventions - a set of treaties that lay out a legal baseline for humanitarian standards in warfare.

As described by Kotaku, the red cross is a big deal in game development - with a number of games actually failing certification because of their use of the red cross.

As Among Us isn't Real Life (fortunately, there's enough betrayal going around these days), the mistake is admittedly minor - yet extremely funny, and the reactions were brilliant.

Among Us was released in 2018 but rose to internet fame (and infamy) during the Covid-19 lockdowns. Since then, it has become a beast in internet culture and retains it popularity. Versions of it are available across most consoles, PC and even VR.

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