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Area 51’s ‘secret base’ has been uncovered

Area 51’s ‘secret base’ has been uncovered

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It’s long been surrounded in mystery and fascinated conspiracy theorists - even to the extent that a joke event was set up in 2019 to “storm” the facility - but it’s now being claimed that one secret surrounding Nevada’s Area 51 has been ‘unearthed’.

The CIA has previously confirmed the location – which many believe houses aliens or alien technology – is actually just a secret testing site for aircraft, but Joeg Arnu, the webmaster of the Area 51 discussion site Dreamland Resort, believes there is a secret base within the secret base.

He told 8 News Now: “The really secret stuff … they have a whole empty valley just north of Groom Lake, and they have the mountain range where they can pretty much play with anything they want. It’s booming out there – Area 51 is not going anywhere.”

Arnu has even had his properties in Rachel and Las Vegas raided by the FBI over his digging into the facility, with armed federal agents holding him and his girlfriend at gunpoint at the two homes.

The search warrant, seen by the Daily Mail, accuses Arnu of “conspiracy” and “photographing defence installations”.

Arnu’s claims are just one of many ‘discoveries’ shared online in recent years, with the YouTube channel Brave Wilderness releasing a video in September 2020 in which presenter Mark Vins visited the crash site of a plane destined for Area 51, which actually ended up on Mount Charleston.

In the video, he says: "They [the plane] were heading to Area 51 to work on a project - none other than the U2 spy plane used in the Cold War.

"Very, very famous aircraft. Very critical for US intelligence in the Cold War - and it couldn't risk any of those parts being confiscated, or getting into enemy hands, so they came up here and detonated what was left.

"Fourteen lives were lost in the crash and because of the secrecy of the mission, their families weren't notified until four decades later."

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