The 'storming of Area 51' has already become a hilarious meme

The 'storming of Area 51' has already become a hilarious meme

There has been a feeling for many years that Area 51, the US Air Force facility in Nevada, contains some evidence of alien life that is being kept from the general public.

A Facebook group was set up earlier this with the suggestion that the base be stormed by the great unwashed in a bid to discover the truth behind the rumours.

The date of September was set to be the groups day of action and now locals in Nevada are concerned that hundreds, maybe thousands of people, could turn up to see what is actually going on in the desert.

So, is it just a conspiracy theory? Are people actually going to try and find the aliens? Almost certainly not but people are still allowed to have fun.

In response to the story, the people of Twitter have been getting creative and the results are a joy to behold.

And last but not least, this little legend.

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