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AI creates gallery of world leaders as babies and Trump and Johnson look alarmingly cute

AI creates gallery of world leaders as babies and Trump and Johnson look alarmingly cute
Robot dog critiques art after analysing pieces using artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been used to generate images showing some of the most controversial world leaders as babies and the results are strangely sweet.

In recent years, AI has come to the fore as one of the most powerful and perhaps terrifying new types of technology we have ever seen.

It has the ability to learn via data and produce results based on the information it is fed. One person has now used the technology to produce images of different world leaders as babies.

On Instagram, a user named Planet AI explained they asked “AI to Draw World Leaders as Babies” and the results were pretty surprising.

Included in the images were Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, the French President, Emmanuel Macron, the UK’s former PM Boris Johnson and the former US president Donald Trump.

Remarkably, the AI-generated image managed to make the war-mongering Russian leader Vladimir Putin appear relatively sweet and innocent.

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In the comments, people certainly had some thoughts about the images AI had come up with.

Someone commented: “Kim Jong Un did not change.”

Another said: “I'm finding it really funny that Pope Francis is still in his pope clothes. Makes me think of a baby running the Catholic church.”

“Putin is so sweet and Obama also,” another argued.

On Twitter, another person wrote: “Joe Biden looks so old that even his baby version looks about 60 years old!”

While AI technology can be used for relatively harmless entertainment purposes, one woman discovered how powerful it can be after claiming she “lost her job to AI” and had to apply for the job to train it.

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