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People disgusted after learning that there are 'human' ingredients in bread

People disgusted after learning that there are 'human' ingredients in bread
What Bread Is The Healthiest?

There’s a potentially gruesome detail about bread which is being shared on social media, and it could change the way you look at the food forever.

People are only just realising that loafs of bread bought in supermarkets could contain traces of human hair.

While it was previously revealed in studies as far back as 2016, the news has been going viral again after influencers on TikTok cottoned on to the facts.

People are realising that the amino acids used to preserve food longer on the shelf, which are also known as L-cysteine, are “commonly synthesized” from human hair.

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In fact, as Vice reported, most of them are acquired from human hair which is swept up from the floors of salons in China.

Think about that the next time you tuck into a sliced loaf…


Did you know there is human hair in store bought bread🤢🍞L-Cysteine is an amino acid used to prolong the shelf life of bread and other products. Hair clippings from barber shops and hair salons are sold to the United States from China and used to make L-Cysteine. Watch to learn how to avoid eating human hair and for more vegan living tips‼️#reneestakey #vegan2022 #veganlife #veganaf #vegantiktok #veganteacher #veganfortheanimals #friendsnotfood #veganliving #veganlifestyle #bread #humanhair

It’s only trace amounts that ever make it into bread, and of course not every loaf contains them, but it’s still freaking a few people out online.

Influencer Renee Stakey has been one of the most vocal TikTok users on the subject, saying in a recent video: “You are correct that it is an amino acid. But it is also made with human and animal products, neither of which I’m interested in consuming.”

“Clipping of hair in barber shops and salons are collected in China to be sold to the United States to make L-cysteine which we use in our product to extend shelf life.

She then went on to say that you don’t see L-cysteine listen on bread packaging because you don’t have to list an ingredient that is used to make another ingredient.

According to reports online, the best way to avoid ingesting L-cysteine is to head to the local bakery and buy freshly made bread there.

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