Congressmen point out UFOs in evidence to Congress

The world’s clearest photo of a UFO captured hovering over the Scottish Highlands has been revealed for the very first time.

The so-called “Calvine Photograph” was believed to have been lost for decades until it was located and uncovered after years of extensive research by academic and journalist Dr David Clarke.

In the Calvine Photograph, a huge and bizarre diamond-shaped object can be seen floating in the sky while a warplane also flies in the distance.

The picture was snapped on 4 August 1990 at around 9 pm in the evening. It was taken by two male hikers on a hill in Calvine, 35 miles northwest of Perth in Scotland.

According to the hikers who remain anonymous, the men saw the large metallic object hovering with a low hum for around ten minutes. The fighter jets also made passes in the distance.

The men claim that after around 10 minutes, the 100ft long object then shot straight up into the sky at high speed.

Six photos of the UFO were captured and shared with Scotland's Daily Record newspaper which passed them on to the Ministry of Defence.

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For unknown reasons, the story about the bizarre object was never published and the photos seemed to disappear, thus creating the myth of the “Calvine Photograph” that remained unsolved until now.

Dr Clarke was responsible for finding the images again which involved tracking down the former RAF press officer Craig Lindsay, who had kept a copy of the original photograph in his role as the press officer for the MoD in 1990.

Clarke has worked as a curator for the MoD UFO files project at The National Archives and is also an associate professor at Sheffield Hallam University, where the “Calvine Photograph” image has now been archived.

Vinnie Adams, from campaign group UAP Media UK, who has helped work on the mystery, told The Sun Online: “It’s been a privilege to work on this case with such a dedicated team of researchers.

“After 32 years, and an intensive investigation, it feels good to be able to show this elusive photograph to the world.”

He also added: “We urge anyone with any information on the identity of the photographer or the case to come forward.”

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