(Picture: YouTube/gqpadillac
(Picture: YouTube/gqpadillac

Do you remember when CNN thought the website 4chan was a singular person? Well, the network has had had another 4chan moment.

During the celebrity photo leaks, the network invited a “Technology Analyst” on to the show to reveal more. But Brett Larson proved he had no idea, speculating that '4chan' was a single hacker; a systems analyst with a grudge.

He then went on to suggest changing your password from 'password' to 'pa$$word' to prevent falling victim to such a hack.

The clip was thoroughly mocked for how out of touch it was.

As you may have seen, there has been a mass shooting in Oregon, in response to which, President Barack Obama has urged the media to tally terrorist attack deaths in comparison to gun deaths, giving the issues of guns rights and shootings the perspective and analytical discussion they deserve.

CNN meanwhile, focussed on the narrative of the shooter. They singled out the fact he described himself as a beta male on 4chan before the shootings, and was encouraged by users to carry out his acts on the website, which is well-known for trolling and sarcasm.

CNN invited a panel of guests to discuss this issue, one of whom said the following:

One of things that’s most disturbing to law enforcement is that years ago, before the internet, before these websites, these type of people couldn’t communicate. Now, with the internet they can get in touch with each other, and encourage each other to do bad things and be like a social extended club where their very nature is to be against being in a club like that. So the fact that they identify as beta males, that they identify as being part of that group, whereas in the past they wouldn’t have been a part of any group, they would have just been home alone.

Watch the clip below:

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