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There are now dating apps for conspiracy theorists

Celebrity Endorsements Makes People More Likely to Believe in Conspiracy Theories

Are you the kind of person who believes QAnon is gospel truth? Or perhaps you believe the moon landings were faked? Well, there are new dating apps which could help you meet like minded people.

In a world where conspiracy theories flourish on social media and ‘alternate facts’ continue to attract gullible people across the world, people who believe such things are now able to connect on a romantic level.

As Vice reports, there are a growing number of apps being set up in Europe aimed at people who believe all this stuff.

One of the most prominent is, which has been set up for users to connect in Germany.

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So far there are more than 1,500 users on the app, which is a fair amount considering it was only launched last month.

Is romance in the air for conspiracy theorists?iStock

The app was created by Michael Bründel, who is reportedly known for being part of the Querdenker movement – a protest group who have challenged Covid restrictions in the country.

Upon signing up for the app, people are asked to fill in questions about the conspiracy theories they believe are real. On top of that, they're then asked to describe how they believe the world will change in the next 20 years.

They are then reportedly asked to state how many coronavirus vaccines they’ve received.

And they say romance is dead...

Meanwhile, conspiracy theories seem to be alive and well in 2023. One of the most prominent out there, Alex Jones, recently revealed he has a conspiracy about the QAnon conspiracy – proving that there’s nothing he won’t start a theory about.

On top of that, Heineken has found itself coming under fire from conspiracy theorists online after billionaire Bill Gates acquired a minority stake in the brewing giants.

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