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Rare eerie footage shows deep-sea squid's once-in-a-lifetime performance

Rare eerie footage shows deep-sea squid's once-in-a-lifetime performance
Japan divers come face-to-face with rare giant squid in mesmerising footage
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A deep-sea squid has been seen taking care of thousands of eggs in incredibly rare and eerie footage.

New technology has enabled us to explore more and more of the world’s oceans, bringing us jaw-dropping video from some of the deepest parts of planet Earth.

Now, it has also helped reveal insights into the reproductive process of some of the most illusive deep sea creatures, as footage has revealed a black-eyed squid (Gonatus onyx) looking after thousands of eggs.

Researchers at the Schmidt Ocean Institute shared a video of the squid, which is also known as a clawed arm squid and lives in the deep sea at a depth of around 1,900 meters (6,200 feet).

In the clip, the squid can be seen in the water carrying a brood of thousands of eggs hanging from hooks on the squid’s arms.

They shared the imagery on their Instagram, explaining in the caption that it was seen off the coast of Costa Rica’s Caballito Outcrop.

They explained: “One of the few squids that brood their eggs: Gonatus Onyx, seen on a recent #OctoOdyssey dive. The large egg mass is suspended from hooks on the squid’s arms, and while carrying it for several months, the cephalopod will go without feeding.”

According to a 2005 study, female black-eyed squid can carry up to 3,000 eggs thanks to claws on their legs that help them keep hold.

Viewers of the video were left baffled by the little-known phenomenon.

“Stunning! I am always in awe of our big beautiful ocean, and all that call it their home. Thanks for sharing!” one person wrote.

Another said: “I thought it was hauling an eel... Can't believe it’s towing that many eggs.”

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