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Doctors find 60 household items in man's stomach after complaining about cramps

Doctors find 60 household items in man's stomach after complaining about cramps

The vast array of household items the man had swallowed

Jam Press/ Rare Shot News

Doctors were shocked to find that a man suffering from a two-year-long stomach ache had ingested dozens of household items from earphones to nuts and bolts.

The patient, Kuldeep Singh, 35, had gone to Moga Medicity Hospital in India’s Punjab region out of concern for his stomach and because he had developed a high fever.

Ajmer Singh Kalra, the hospital’s director, said: “On carrying out an X-ray, we found lockets, chains, nuts, bolts, earphones, and many other objects inside the stomach.”

Medics were alarmed to find about 60 trinkets in Singh’s stomach, also including safety pins, magnets, shirt buttons and zips, and many more inedible objects.

Doctors diagnosed the man with a mental health condition called pica, which causes people to “compulsively swallow items that aren’t food,” according to the Cleveland Clinic.

The illness is most common among young children, pregnant women and people with psychiatric disorders such as autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disabilities or schizophrenia.

According to Jam Press, the patient’s relatives were not aware of the problem.

“Since he had eaten sharp objects, there were severe wounds in his stomach,” said Kalra, who “decided to operate on him.”

“He is still on a ventilator and is critical,” said Kalra.

Here’s hoping Singh gets back to normal and manages to stop eating safety pins.

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