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Doge become most expensive meme of all-time after NFT sells for $4 million

Doge become most expensive meme of all-time after NFT sells for $4 million

The iconic ‘Doge’ meme has reportedly been sold as an NFT for a staggering $4 million, making it the most expensive meme of all time.

The meme, which features nothing but a surprised looking Shiba Inu dog was sold on Friday after @pleasrdao placed a 1,696.9 bid of Ethereumcryptocurrency on the auction site Zora. The is worth the equivalent of $4 million, as reported by NBC News.

The meme was only put up for auction on Tuesday and was actually put on sale as an NFT by Atsuko Sato, the owner of the dog in the picture, named Kabosu.

The image quickly went viral after Sato uploaded the picture of her dog to her own website in 2010 having first taken the photo way back in 2005. It quickly made the rounds on Tumblr and Reddit with people adding their own captions to the picture.

Doge had previously been named as ‘Meme of the Decade’ by the meme database Know Your Meme back in December 2019. The editor in chief of Know Your Meme, Don Caldwell is quoted as saying: “We’re so happy to be a part of this milestone in internet history. If any meme deserved to be the new meme NFT record holder, it’s Doge.”

In a video shared on the aforementioned website, Kabosu said: “Through the launch of these NFTs, I’d like to help children in need all over the world. Kabosu and I would be very happy if we could help bring a smile to their face.”

Doge has recently had a renaissance in popularity thanks to Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency inspired by the meme after it was publically endorsed by Elon Musk. Doge comes from a 2005 episode of flash cartoon ‘Homestar Runner’ where the lead character refers to another character as his ‘D-O-G-E.’ You had to be there...

Doge is far from the first meme to be sold as an NFT but it is easily the most expensive. Previously, ‘Disaster Girl’ sold for $430,000, ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’ sold for $482,000 and “Pepe the Frog” an infamous meme, that has gone through many guises, sold for $1 million, in March 2021.

This won’t be the only Doge meme on sale. Seven more images of the pup have already gone on sale Zora.

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